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Billing’s Half Moon – a 1:40 scale kit – {part 34}

March 18, 2014

I have been fielding a lot of questions about kit manufacturers,  and how they seen to have different takes on the ships they model.   As I have answered,  I felt that I might add this to the log…..this is a very interesting bit of trivia,  for those,  not of the craft.   Most of the differences in these kits,   lean heavily toward copyright issues that might ensue.   The research I’ve done on this ship has been less than fruitful….there really isn’t much out there,  as far as the actual ship goes.   I have found quite a bit on the ship that was build from the information they’ve come up with so far.   This ship has been used as a floating museum……like the Gothenborg,  and the Bounty {which was lost at sea recently}.

Life on the Half Moon – National Geographic Education

I have seen the plans for the Corel kit of this vessel,  and yes…..there are quite a few differences.    Most of the differences have been with how the kit was developed….railings,  cutting out the gun ports,  how the crow’s nests are portrayed….even in some of the rigging details.   The odd thing about this though,  is that even the details in either of these kits,  differ from the actual ship.   The plans they supply is what the builder works with,  but there are some that will do the added research and make changes to correct the inadequacies that these kits have.   It does make one wonder though,  what sort of research model manufacturers did,  and what they found to develop the kit.   They should include this in the instructions,  in the event we would like to use it in our study during the assembly.    There are some plastic kits that do.

“But,  if there is only limited information out there on this vessel,  why doesn’t the same details reflect in both kits?”    It’s a good question…..the only answer I can give,  leads back to the design and copyright issues aspect.   In the case of the Billing’s kit,  it seems like they have some info on the original ship.   This points to the stern details…..I have pictures of the ‘second generation ship’.


images 2

Note the stern details and paint…….the port and starboard sides are different.   I wondered about that.   The only thing I can come up with,  is when the ship is seen from a distance,  they would know which side they were seeing her from.  Of course,  I’m not doing the paint this way….it will be the same on both sides.   Note the decorations on the transom…..the Billing’s kit has a much different take on this as well.

transom - kit design

I plan on using these details…….putting as much into it as possible.   When it all come down to……’s your ship……..your build.    Yes,  it is a Billing’s kit……..but when it came into my possession……it became my build……I will do it as I see fit.   Do the research……whether it be plastic or wood {yes, plastic can be wrong as well},  and build it as best you can!  You really can’t go wrong.   Bash…….scratch,  if you have to……but,  most of all,  have fun with what you do :)


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